Dynamic Logistics™ LLC.


David E. Eaton, Jr., is the dynamic visionary behind Dynamic Logistics™LLC., a family-owned and operated, North Carolina - based Transportation (Trucking) Logistics brand.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future"  -Jeremiah 29:11

David's Story

David's love for trucking and his broad breath of experience in, and exposure to, the trucking industry spans nearly his entire lifetime.  David's Mother was a Professional Truck Driver, who spent long hours on the road in order to provide for her seven children.  While David didn't like it that his Mom was away from home so much, or that she returned home so tired after driving long hours, he deeply admired her rig and soon began to love big trucks. For years, the only thing that came remotely close to David's love for trucks and trucking was his love for horses, but that's a whole other story.

Eventually, David decided that he wanted to build a transportation business, employ excellent drivers, and provide a variety of trucking and transportation-related services. Over the years, he attended specialization schools and learned all that he could about truck driving, truck repair, and the trucking industry at large. His successful academic pursuits coupled with a lot of hard work, resulted in him becoming a Professional Truck Driver, Diesel Mechanic with numerous Certifications, and an Electrician. Following a long season of preparation, the newly minted professional set out to hone his craft, first as a Company Driver, and later a Diesel Mechanic.

During his time as a Company Truck Driver,  David had a lot of time to think, and he observed everything.  One of the things he thought of most was how mean and disrespectful people could be to one another.  Always a honest and hard worker, David hated being treated as a second class citizen, even though that type of treatment had been, and continues to be, the plight of many truck drivers today, in spite of the fact that truck driving is one of the most important jobs on the planet.  As David saw it,  at every turn, truckers were met with, using Rodney Dangerfield's phrase, "NO RESPECT."

David understood that if truckers didn't drive, products that the world depended on every day, would not move.  The more he drove, the more he became sure that intentional kindness and improved communications were important components towards making the driver's job less stressful and more enjoyable.  For instance, it made no sense to David that in the digital age, a truck drivers' time was routinely squandered due to the inability of dispatchers to properly communicate with other logistics personnel.  He felt that many of the things that truck drivers find most aggravating were a result of a lack of appreciation and respect for drivers, which was within the control of a company's management to correct.


Eventually, David took a break from trucking to work as a Diesel Mechanic. Disappointedly,  this move resulted in him still being consistently under-valued, and even under-paid.  After nearly twenty-five years of rotating between the two professions, David was forced to accept the fact that he was born to be a transportation entrepreneur. That spark of revelation inspired him to start visualizing a company that he could develop while continuing to work as a mechanic.

The motivation to organize Dynamic Logistics, was born out of the deep-seated frustration with the treatment he received while employed in the previously referenced professions.  However, that David became the company's first full-time driver, as well as, the CEO,  was not a part of the original plan. That decision was born out of necessity as  a result of a disappointing business decision.

David believed that he could manage a trucking company better than he had seen it done, so he was open to an idea that someone close to him presented in early 2015.  Knowing that David dreamed of oneday having his own company, the person offered to drive a box truck for David, if he purchased it. David, still employed as a Diesel Mechanic, viewed the offer as both a great idea, and a potential partnership.  David's thinking was that this arrangement would enable him to  have a truck in service, while giving him time to figure out next steps towards  building his transportation company. To David, the best part was that all of this could happen, while he maintained his job. He was hopeful!

However, the proposed arrangement did not materialize.  After David purchased  the truck, the proposed driver  had a change of mind, and David found himself in an uncomfortable bind for which he had not planned. Now, he owned a box truck,  did not have a driver, and was obligated to a full-time job that he needed to keep in order to pay for the truck. 

David knew that important decisions had to be made and fast.  It was then, with the encouragement of his supportive wife, that he made the decision to resigned his job, form Dynamic Logistics™, LLC.,  and apply for the company's trucking authority.  

Over each of its first three years of existence, Dynamic Logistics™, LLC.,  has grown exponentially.  By early 2018, the Company had assemble an impressive small fleet consisting of: the initial box truck, sleeper tractors, day cab tractors, reefers, multi-temp, and dry van trailers.

Experience and Diesel Mechanic Certifications

David holds both the Double and Triple CDL and Hazmat Endorsements, as well as the following diesel mechanic certifications:

Cat Engine; 



Detroit Diesel; 

Transmission Eaton; 

Differentials Eaton; 

Kenworth Trucks; 

Allison Transmission; 

Rockwell Transmission; 

Automotive AC; 

Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS).

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